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March 9, 2019 2 minutes General

Would you like to stay informed about everything that is going on in ePublisher ? ePublisher gives you the complete picture. Our editors post new articles and exclusive stories online every day. As a subscriber to ePublisher Extra, you can read all that. And stay involved in our beautiful city. If you register quickly, you will also receive our magazine every month for free.

What is ePublisher Extra?
All stories that do not fit in the newspaper. At least ten a week, plus the best regional messages, tips and a beautiful portrait of an ePublisher every Saturday.

Where do I read all that?
On your tablet, phone, laptop or computer. You will find all Extra articles on our website and we will send you a handy email every day with the links. You will not miss anything. And you read everything.
If you live in Weesp, you will also receive the ten best articles of the month in a beautiful magazine .

And that costs…?
Only € 5.50 per month. The annual subscription of € 59 is even cheaper. We renew automatically and you can stop that whenever you want.

Why isn’t it free?
Our advertising income is declining. Instead of writing less, we write more (extra). In this way we make an offer that readers want to pay for. Fortunately, there are plenty of Orphans who come with us and have already registered as a subscriber.

Can you write so much about ePublisher?
It is our passion! We will keep you involved with the city, explain what is going on and surprise you with fascinating stories from other ePublisher. ePublisher is full of it!

And the newspaper?
We provide a good free weekly newspaper containing the most important news, sports, agenda, volunteer vacancies, the municipal news and the columns. Plus very short articles that you miss because you are not yet a subscriber to ePublisher Extra …

Okay, how do I sign up?
Very simple Via this button.

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