Rules Respond

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You can comment on our articles through Facebook under your own name. These reactions are posted without the intervention of the editorial staff. You are then a guest on our Facebook page.

A few starting points
We assume that you respond in a decent manner to the news item and to each other. The reactions are on the topic of the news item. We don’t want it to be personal. We ask you to keep it short and to keep the discussion pleasant and open.

A few rules
We will remove comments from our site if we find that there are:
– insults or indecent comments
– being played on
– advertised or having a reference and / or URL that we don’t want
– too much campaigning whether hobby horses are ridden
– there is no reaction under your own name

A blockade can be imposed if the rules are repeatedly violated. The rules, removals and blockades are not communicated.

The response is placed under the sender’s own responsibility and reflects the sender’s opinion. We may decide not to open or close the comment option for certain articles.

Whoever responds agrees to these rules ..